Hi, I’d like to introduce myself, I'm Sheila.

Since 2013, I’ve been working tirelessly as a certified life coach.  I absolutely love my job and specialize in helping people to identify, and achieve, their personal life path

Here’s the twist, though:  Now, I work exclusively with fellow Intuitives.

As Sensitives, it’s so easy for us to get lost in the mire and feel we have no direction.  You see, we need a different ‘system.’  Compared to others, our life map needs to take into consideration what we go through and how we process things.

My role as an Intuitive is to use coaching techniques that draw out your unique spiritual gifts and uncover the path to them. From the hesitant intuitive, to the seasoned pro, Intuitive coaching gets you reconnected to your ultimate life plan.




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Programs that help you connect with your gifts and transform your life into the one you REALLY want

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One-on-one coaching and spirit guide sessions. Let's find out all about your unique gifts, meet your spiritual team and clear energy blocks.

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