Highly Sensory People And Suicide

When questions come up like suicide, I go to the source, my guides. This was their message to me about last week’s events….

“All wish to talk about suicide, but you don’t know how.

The words that come out seem hollow and cannot explain the confusion you feel when someone decides to exercise the ultimate in free will and end their time here on earth.

It is especially confusing to those of you who have lost people that did not choose to end things in this manner. They perhaps fought hard battles or were taken in ways that seem unfathomable - to those who have lost loved ones in this way, suicide appears incomprehensible or at the very least completely unexplainable.

There has been an energy shift going on in the last three years that many talk about but few understand. It is a bit frightening to think that things that you have so little control over are going on. So many choose to hide from what is happening. That is certainly ok, but you should have a brief understanding of it because it affects what happened last week or what has been happening with all of the events that seem so baffling of late.

It is essential now more than ever for those of you who are highly sensitive to step forward and at the very least begin to accept it. If only privately. You are the most affected by these planetary shifts, which are causing the energy to swing so very drastically. This has a tremendous pull on those of you who are highly sensitive, intuitive or whatever word you would like to insert here to explain the difference you have felt your entire life.

And what is this energy shift you ask?

A transition is afoot waiting to complete itself. When it completes itself, it will change you and the way you think and know about life very drastically. It is a complete energetic shift in your biological make-up and the way you think and perceive of things. It will be done slowly and with much effort so as not to alarm anyone or cause cataclysmic change.

It will be a shift to a higher vibration. And those that, because of their thought patterns or lifestyle choices, are used to a less than higher vibration, can endure a lot of discomfort as this transition to a higher state comes about. It can make many want to try to dull it or to numb it because the pull is so very powerful.

Our comparison is that it would be like watching TV in your favorite room in your house - like your living room. Then something comes along and shifts the altitude of the room into something that is much higher than you are conditioned for. And so you still try to watch your TV and act like you usually act in your living room, but the environment has shifted on you. And so you don’t understand why everything feels so different in your living room when you are merely doing the very same things you have always done there.

But, to those who are so very sensitive, this shift pulls on them. For those who are finding themselves in terrible pain and finding themselves so very far away from their source, it can be difficult. These people can feel emotionally homeless and misunderstood and don't know why. Many may medicate or choose other alternatives that only make their thought forms more puzzling. It is the search in trying to make sense of their thoughts or to try and make sense of a state that doesn’t make sense that eventually becomes too burdensome.

It is burdensome in the sense that they want their old living rooms back.

However, imagine you are a star on top of that, like Anthony Bourdain or Kate Spade. They too wanted their old living rooms back, but they found themselves caught up in this energy change we are all going through. But in addition to that, because of their occupation, someone or something was also daily changing their living room.

In the end, it becomes too disruptive, and they never feel like they can get a firm grasp back on their North Star or for the sake of this essay ‘their living room.’ They can never quite get their footing again as they could at one time.

We realize to many of you, this whole energy change and speak of other galaxies and planets, etc. will be strange and bizarre. And that is ok. There is no need for some of you to understand it at that level. What is important to understand is that things are not what they once were. You are being pulled on energetically in a different direction, and that can feel darn right uncomfortable at times.

We think the most important thing would be to be true to you during this time. If you think you are highly sensitive or always have felt a little off, look into that, research that. And do so without burdening yourself of what society or what your neighbor or anyone thinks. Embrace your differences because you need them now more than ever. And always know you are made the way you are for a particular purpose. In the coming months and years, the reasons for this will become more and more evident.”



Want To Work With Your Own Guides And Angels? 

Every single one of us has spirit guides and those of us who are able to listen to them, and connect with them on a regular basis have the ability to find and experience our spiritual gifts.

Are You A Channel Or A Medium?

Channels and mediums were brought here all with specific purposes.

Channels are the scribes of the world if you will. The record keepers. The storytellers. The ones with the gift of telling that which needs to be said.

Mediums are entirely different. Their job is about healing in a world that needs so much of it. The channel is about other worlds and bringing all of them together the medium is about this world. The channel is global the medium is local. 

It has nothing to do with better or mightier but only with purpose. 

Find your purpose and the kingdom is yours. 

If you are a channel, you are light in nature but may choose heavy things to dull you when your gifts scare and challenge you. The medium is heavier in nature more stout and seeks lighter things to offset their heaviness. 

The medium has many challenges a channel does not. Earthbound energy is off-putting to a channel, and so they do not spend much time there unless they decided to expand into that energy. Dealing with this heaviness and denseness and not taking it on into oneself is the mediums challenge. Energy discernment is of the essence for the medium, and many gloss over this part of their teaching, but to the medium, it is of the most crucial and most important.

Channels need to seek balance and harmony. That is their challenge. This, of course, is easier said than done. It is when they are in their essence that their gift is the most powerful and that the messages they receive are the most formidable and so they must be in their center to not continually challenge and question the messages. Remembering they are the scribe and not the author is of great concern for these very strong-willed people. The strongest of wills were chosen, and yet they are asked to lay down their will when the channel comes, very challenging indeed. 

Mediums are here to remind others that we do not end that we never end that as souls we are continuous. If you need to contact your grandmother to begin to believe in such concepts then so be it. The medium can help you with that. The channel is here to remind others that the knowledge and power available to you in the universe is immense and never-ending. 

Both act as conduits of love and that is the single most valuable thing they have in common. 

Many mediums are channels in disguise. Their nature is to scribe yet something in society of late tells them the call, and the yearning is with the medium. It is made sexier of late. That wasn’t always the case in history. Nevertheless, the medium again has the challenge of energy discernment, are you a channel or a medium?

As a medium, you will be attracted to lighter things because your nature is heavy. Channels will be drawn to heavier things because their nature is lighter. It is essential to find your true essence and honor that. Although as a medium you may have been taught to go lighter with your food, exercise and other practices sometimes your bodies need heavy especially if you are a daily practitioner. Channels disguise themselves in the heavy, but their nature is lighter. When they realize this about themselves, they will make decisions to abide by these things for themselves. 

Come together if you can because your call is challenging in a world so veiled and masked by untruth. Way-showers and those that shine the light on the shadows are never celebrated, usually just the opposite. So come together and do not judge one another. Help one another, learn from one another.


Empaths Ache From One Thing

Empaths ache from one thing: deep down they think they can’t have the lives they REALLY want.

There are many barriers when it comes to having spiritual gifts. Sometimes it’s just easier to wrap ourselves in fear than it is to pursue the life we want.

I think a lot of empaths believe they can’t have the lives they want.

Most of us want to have our own spiritually based businesses and leave our desk jobs and work 100% from home. But we go on to fill ourselves with excuses, habits and half-truths that serve as barriers to having what we want.

Over the years we talk ourselves out of our dreams and wonder why deep down we are so unfulfilled.

One of the most significant barriers to accepting my spiritual gifts and living the life I wanted was fear of telling others about what I do. 

I come from a very conservative family. I also came from a very conservative workplace. Talk about always being the square peg in the round hole!

But as the years went on, my spiritual gifts were no longer talking to me they were screaming at me!

But, I was afraid to let others know and see the real me.

The real me speaks to spirit guides and does spirit guide sessions and coaches others in a spiritually based way.

To the mainstream population, including all of my family and most of my friends, this is just plain weird.

And, I am not going to lie, going against the norm is scary sh***. This is one thing that stops a lot of empaths dead in their tracks.

So how did I do it?

How did I let others see the real me?

Did I come out and swing from the spiritual chandelier and tell everyone?


Because here’s the thing, not everyone needs to know and trust me when I tell you that not everyone cares.

There are still close family members who do not know what my coaching business is about. It’s sort of a ‘don’t ask don’t tell situation.’

I finally learned to step into a place where other people’s thoughts don’t matter to me around this anymore.

But I also do not go looking for naysayers and give them fuel to judge and be nasty either.

I have merely learned who to tell and who not to tell.

If someone approaches me and doesn’t like what I do, I view that as their problem, not mine.

But the most important lesson that I finally learned was, “Whose life is this anyway?”

It’s not my mother’s or my father’s or my friend’s or my coworkers- it’s 100% my life. And my life comes with its own purpose that no one else can live but me. 

And living a watered down version of that will not complete my assignment, honor my gifts or my talents.

You CAN have the life you want as an empath. You CAN have the business you want as an empath. Anything else is just an excuse. And fear is just that, fear. Tell yourself, “it’s just a fear.”

You were sent here purposefully with the gifts you always question yourself about.

And yes, there are many with spiritual gifts, but no one else has them the way you do.

This is your talent.

Success is using our talents and fulfilling our destiny.  



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