Is It Spiritual For An Intuitive To Be Angry?

Have you noticed that since time immemorial, the spiritual community has done a very good job at making people feel bad or guilty for feeling an emotion that is natural and transformative?


I am talking about plain ol’ anger here.


We are led to believe that feeling and expressing this emotion—that is deemed so contrary—will not only make us look unsightly, but will then go on to block us from our abundance and many other things.


I never quite understood this.


If you can’t express anger and thus get it out of your body, where does it go?


I think you know the answer to this. That scares me more than appearing unsightly or unsavory.  


Now, I’m not talking about being a jerk here and laying it all on someone else or hurting others. I am simply talking about the expression of it, the movement of it or, at the very least, the acknowledgment of it.


I did a reading for a friend of mine the other day. What came out of it is that she is to do very particular work in the spiritual world, and she should start polishing off her platform because she is to be the next in line to speak it, write about it and teach it.  Except, she is going to do it in a way that is very different from how current teachers are doing it.


One day after this, she wrote to me and she was downright angry! She had been doing a lot of reading on her particular subject and she said that yes, most teachers out there are brilliant, but there is just so much bullsh** in this particular field that she could not agree with.


This story isn’t about her railing on others or against that particular community. It’s about her speaking her truth and getting that truth out of her body where it should never linger or stay, as well as getting her to say, “this is wrong, this makes me angry. This feeling of anger and the releasing of it is a gift and it is telling her something she needs to know.


And as the coach in me can never seem to keep quiet, I said: “Well, what are you going to do about it? If you’re angry about this, GOOD! Now write it how you think it should be and I bet you will inspire millions.”


This anger inspired her to take the first step and to begin doing what she was put on this earth to do.


Anger is inspirational.

Anger is informational.

Anger is transformational.


If you’re angry or unhappy with the way something is, it’s for a reason!


Anger is your inner self-screaming to you. It is a kick-a** spiritual coach. 


Here is another interesting fact. 80% of the people I work with can be deemed Indigos. Part of that means they have tempers. When things aren’t right, it makes them angry.

Anger is an Indigo’s war cry. It was given to them to light their fire so they can go change the world.


What makes you angry about the people or the field you work in? Who is doing something that you don’t like? What about your community and world do you find to be BS?


Answer this question and answer it now because this is going to tell you how you are unique, different and special to this field.


Negative emotions are a nudge from the universe.


What makes you angry?