The Empath Alchemy Series - The Law of Worth

The last two blogs (The Most Powerful Law of Attraction Exercise for Empaths & The Top Seven Law of Attraction Books and Courses for the Empath) sparked something in me.

It reminded me how much I truly love the law of attraction. I think it’s because it speaks to the adventurer in us. The one who wants to believe that this magic exists in the universe and that we can create or “alchemize it.”

It also allowed me to remember that it was the law of attraction that aided me in opening up to spirituality and thus learning more about my gifts.

My guides continually teach me about its intricacies and show me more laws that make my practice of the law of attraction effective.  

Because of this and my pure joy at learning more, I have decided to do a series of blogs devoted to the law of attraction and the empath. I am calling it “The Empath Alchemy Series.”

I hope you enjoy them!



When I first started my spiritual work, I had a guide who was teaching me about the law of attraction.

I was about the worst manifestor you could imagine.

I mean, intellectually, I had all the concepts down; I really thought I had superpowers, knowing what I knew. But no matter what I did and how I applied what I knew, I had a hard time getting things I aimed for.

At that time, I desperately wanted the car I have now.

I put it on vision boards, made small movies about it, tried to feel as if I had it already (tried to feel, period – empath affliction), and everything else they teach you.

But I never got any closer to that car.

I thought, well soon enough if I just trust and believe, that car should be mine.

Nope. Never happened.

I went to my guide and told him that, mentally, I knew the exercises and I was practicing them like I was taught, but I was not manifesting anything.

I dared to say that maybe—just maybe—this whole law of attraction stuff was a bunch of bullshit that others used to make money from poor, unsuspecting people such as myself.

He asked me why I wanted the car.

I was very spiritually full of myself when I said, “Cars such as these are a symbol of success. To me, someone who is driving one of these is someone who has become very good at what they do. They have become so good at their craft that they could then go out and help others with what they do. Their hard work, study, and mastering of their art was, therefore, rewarded. It is a sign from the universe that you have fulfilled a soul duty.”

I was sure he was going to praise my astute position, but instead he said, “No, that isn’t correct at all.”

I was stunned. Did he not hear the brilliance I had just espoused?

He held his hand up to me so I wouldn’t go any further and said, “I want to tell you about the first law that you have not yet incorporated, and that is the law of worth.”

“When you receive something like the car you desire—or anything for that matter, it isn’t a wish or a desire coming true. It's an allowing. An allowing of a feeling. It’s a rearranging of your cellular structure at the deepest level. Or better said, all that has been trained and programmed into you unraveling and letting go of its hold on you.”

“This creates a pathway for something like this to enter your life.”

“It’s proof that you have decided to make a shift that has interrupted your current flow of thought and has legitimized what was within you all along.”

“You don’t have to DO anything. You don’t have to BE anything. You merely have to know it is available and waiting for you to claim it.”

“It’s your human conditioning and your makeup as an empath that has made you feel unworthy of such items or that asking for such things appears too piggish.”

“You think, ‘how could I want such things when there are so many that have nothing?’ And those have-nots, as you call them, seem to be everywhere. Every time you go to the grocery store or anywhere, you see them limping along reminding you that your desires are too heady and too selfish while these people suffer before your very eyes.”

“But other people’s willingness to suffer is not your concern. It was never your concern. It is a choice they are making, conscious or unconscious - preplanned or not planned. Their suffering is their choice, and they are making it part of their life plan.”

“You have to decide to take yourself out of such thought forms.”

“For what does pain offer you?”

“Your society has portrayed and created such a thing as a martyr, and it has been very dramatically played out so that it looks attractive to be a victim or to be suffering or to be without something that you desire.”

“But where is the logic in this?”

“Will not a martyr in the end just be a martyr and be without?”

“And then to make it even more dramatic and like it is an epic movie, people clap for and praise the martyr and say, ‘how good of you to play that role and sacrifice yourself and break yourself down into less and less.’”

“So, this conditioning is just reinforced continuously.”

“But why would you ever deny all that the universe has to offer you? This is a universe that wants you to be more and more, never less.”

“You walk among these sacrificial goats, and you think, ‘how could I ever wish for a car to appear when there are people who need so much? Admittedly, I do not need this and to ever consider wanting it is outlandish and self-indulgent.’”

“And you go on to think, ‘no one will reward this type of behavior in me, so I better bury these wants so no one will know except for my vision board and my mind movies. I will secretly want these things, but I will at the same time sabotage these desires with telling myself that acquisitive behavior is wrong and that I am less than.’”

“You must realize that it is societal conditioning and those that walk on what they ironically call the straight and narrow, that are the ones who have it all very wrong. They are walking on anything but a straight and narrow path, pretending to be the sufferer of all things.”

“You and your life are not a casualty. The universe didn’t create you to only take from you and make you live in a place of lack. You must always live in a position of more than and think of yourself as more than and want more than.”

“And know that when you want a car, and when the universe delivers it, it represents that you have learned this truth and united yourself with it. And that you know to your very core that you are more than. It is how it was always and always will be.”

I came to terms with myself. Until I honestly knew my worth, that car would never be mine. I had to finally let go of and detach myself from martyrdom.

That is their lesson, “The law of worth.” Always get real and honest with yourself and know you're more than. I think it is especially pertinent and important for all empaths.

But when I went to work on this lesson, I never realized how hard it would be. I never understood all the years of unworthy thought forms, relationships, and behavior I had accumulated in me. I knew that, to reflect upon that which I wanted, I had to be a match for it. I had to, at the very least, be worthy of it.

Challenging this unworthiness has been the most healing and rewarding journey. I cannot even tell you in full. Even if at the end of it I didn’t end up manifesting anything, what it taught me and showed me would have been lesson enough. But it didn’t stop there, and it never stops there.

The more you allow yourself and your worth to shine, the more amazing things you will attract into your life.

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See you next time when we learn The Law of Ease