Why the Empath Shouldn’t Leave Their Day Job

99% of Highly Sensitive People and Empaths I meet want to leave their desk jobs.  They feel the environment is too toxic for them, that they are built in a way that such a climate affects them adversely.

They would be right in assuming that.

Intuitives are built different, and that is on purpose.

As I previously mentioned in this blog, empaths usually carry the following traits, evidence of their unique structure:

●      They have a vehicle that picks up on the subtle, feeling everything

●      They over-process information and can often become overstimulated because of it

●      They have a heightened sensory ability (even of the sixth kind)

●      They sop up the emotions of others like a mop

●      They react very sensitively to chemicals, especially caffeine and alcohol

●      They are daydreamers and thinkers of all things

●      They can have volatile blood sugar

●      They can sometimes seem shy and don’t like being watched or observed

Because of this makeup, most empaths find themselves at odds with their current employment situation. They passionately believe that “if I could just get away from this unhealthy place,” their lives would be so much better in so many ways.

I identify with that because it’s what I thought and believed to the very core of my being once.

The very day I stepped into the corporate world, I wanted out.

I immediately felt the competitiveness of the hierarchical system. It wears on the intuitive. If you don’t realize that and if you do not have the right rejuvenation techniques in place, it is easy to burn out.

I burned out.

So, I finally made what I thought was a very courageous decision to leave.

But what would you think if I told you that the lesson here (for me) was that I needed to go back?

That to truly live and fulfill my life purpose as an empath, being in a corporate or desk job was part of it?

I know, I can hear the gasps!

Like a lot of you out there, I am a true blood indigo:

●      We feel an immense desire to protect that which is just and right

●      We feel compelled to know that people are being honorable with their word and deed (we want to know if seeing is really believing)

●      We are willful people because we have a job to do (whether you are aware of it or not) and we want to get it done

●      You would describe us as pushy or bossy, coming across too strong

●      We are of equal stature and are easily confused and flustered

●      Strong vibrations throw us off, and since this happens frequently in a corporate environment, we are continually recalibrating

What this meant is that I was always fighting.

Almost everything in corporate is unjust to an indigo. I spent my days very angry and upset about the condition of things. I could point my finger at a very toxic environment and say that is the reason I left, but none was so toxic to me as my own indigo nature left unchecked.

In the end, that is what burnt me out. The battling and fighting against everything. (I wrote a little about this battling and struggling in my last blog The Law of Ease.)

So why am I telling you all this?

Because I want to make a plea to you HSPs and Empaths out there that are in jobs you desperately wish to escape.

Remember your highly sensitive nature.

Why were you made this way?

Why are you highly sensitive?

What if this means that because of your nature, you’re supposed to be there?

That in truth, this job chose you because you are an Empath.

Wouldn’t that give you an entirely different mindset about where you’re at?

If you have an entirely different mindset about where you’re at, you could see things much differently and look at your job through a lens you have never used before.

Maybe even see that you go to that job for a real and genuine purpose other than getting a paycheck.

My good buddy Chayla Baer, a fantastic medium, also wrote about this topic recently if you want to see another awesome perspective on this.

But I write to you from someone on the other side. Someone who did leave to pursue the dream, and in seeking the dream, ended up learning a lesson that in a million years I never anticipated.

That I was forcing something.

That I took the wheel and decided to start driving the car and told the universe where I should be because surely it did not want me in a toxic 9-5!

Learning that there were lessons still waiting for me there - that being there actually made a difference in this world - was just about the most surprising, universal smack I ever received.

I continue to do my intuitive work and I will always do my intuitive work because I know it makes a difference. But for now, I also have other work to do – the work of the HSP in today’s society.

That work cannot be done from the comfort of hermitizing at home and hiding from the world. Someday, I will only do the awesomeness of being a 100% at-home intuitive, but for now...

Part of me needs to return to the corporate world.

Empaths are meant to wind up inside the largest companies and organizations. It isn’t an accident because it’s from the inside where they can do the most good.

They spread their light outward. It starts small and goes out in a large radius.

I find that most empaths are not even aware that they do this most of the time. They do not know that their very presence can change people, situations, and environments they come in contact with.

For some, it takes lifetimes to know that they are of this light. For others, they feel it right away. It all just depends on where you are in the spectrum.

But no matter where you’re at, just know that when you go to that job tomorrow, you are going with a purpose greater than you ever thought.

What you do is meaningful because no matter where you go - you are healing - and that makes a difference.