Not Love and Light


I have grown out of favor with the term “Love and light.”

“Love and light” is a phrase lightworkers often use to send blessings. They send the healing energy of the universe’s love to another. The equivalent of a smiley face emoji built just for the HSP.

Sounds nice, right? I mean, give me some of that! We can all use it.

However, as of late, this term has been coming up to me in ways that are bothersome. I have found that people are using it for one of two things:

1) A phrase they use to excuse bad behavior. In other words, they replaced the original significance with, “I can do and say whatever I want. Then all is forgiven and I can go out looking like a beam of unicorn light. ”

2) A way to make excuses for not living their life purpose as a lightworker. What they truly mean by using that phrase is, “Sorry I can’t do my [enter goal here] today, but I am sending you love and light.”

To both of those things, I say a hearty NOPE!

That doesn’t fly with me as an empath or a coach. If you’re being a jerk, just say you’re being a jerk. Let’s not drag love and light into it. And if you’re making excuses as to why you’re not accomplishing your deep-seated desires—again—let’s not drag light and love into it.

Let’s not use a once well-intended phrase as a whitewash to the truth.

As a coach, I help people set goals and guide them to go out and get them.

Along the way, many things come up and you have to prepare for that. You have to prepare for some real unpleasantness along the way because change is a tough business. If it weren’t, we would all be the people we wanted to be, living the lives we wanted, right?

Things slip, we mess up. That’s 100% OK!

In coaching, we ready ourselves for that.

The truth of it is, we get scared. I am afraid of “X” thing.

The most successful people I’ve coached are the ones who said, “Damn it. I am afraid. I am petrified. The fear may have caused me to fall back on excuses. I may have missed my goal this week because of it, but let’s get up and try it again.” They keep trying and trying. In the end, they win.

There was no light and love, no BS, no excuses. Just truth, honesty, and sitting with themselves and their very raw feelings.

To me, this is courage. These are the people I admire. These are the people who, as said in Braveheart, “realized their hearts were free and had the courage to follow them.”

These are some butt kicking empaths who I know are going to go out into this world and change it.

Those who only send light and love need not apply.


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