Letting Go Is Not As Hard As You're Making It

I have not been blogging lately.

If I had a sign to hang on the door, it would probably read, “ Do not disturb, serious, spiritual transformation and healing in progress.”

When I was younger, and I complained about any pain, my parents would say, “ It’s just growing pains, let it go, you’re fine.”

I think there is a lot of that going on.


And as you grow, pain rises to the surface to be cleared, and it always falls away.

It started when I began creating my new coaching program, “Fresh Start.” I knew that if the program was to help others,  it had to be proven by first helping me.

So I wrote the program and tried it out as I went along.

I was really pleased because there was some real transformation happening in my own life.

Then as luck would have it, ( or the universe would have it), Mindvalley and Christie Marie Sheldon did a major launch of her program ‘Unlimited Abundance’.

I am a stereotypical HSP, if there is learning to be had within two feet of me  - I am diving into it, head first.

And so I did.

I dove into her program.

I have linked to the program above, and this is not an affiliate link. I just think the program happens to be the best spiritual program I have ever taken. And as an intuitive coach who eats spiritual programs for breakfast, I think that’s saying a lot!

I think the primary take away from the program for me,  is the clearing aspect.

The big fat, glaring reminder that we are energetic beings that need to give as much attention to the energetic side of ourselves as we give to our physical selves.

And here’s the thing, we hsp’s, empaths and psychics talk intellectually and incessantly about clearing, energy, and protection, don’t we?

But how often do we practice it and really do it?

I mean really do it.

Clear away old patterns, beliefs, habits and whatever else you picked up.

It takes 24-7 consistent attention.

I now realize this is what’s been missing from every program or coaching I’ve ever had, including my own.

You can try to manifest and convene with god and make your dream board, or let go and let god, but unless you’re clearing the 800 layers of programming that brought you to the place you’re in, manifesting what you want can be tough.

As someone who comes from the psychology world, I think we have sort of taken the wrong direction with all of this letting go, healing and clearing.

I think it’s because we love our problems, issues and stories. We love to pull up a chair and live there. We love to talk to counselors and coaches about them and say, “you know, if It weren’t for this one thing, all of my dreams would come true.” And then, let’s be honest here…. if you’re an HSP on top of that, you have the added part where you will overthink and over analyze ‘your problems’ until you have paralyzed yourself into inaction.

But really, clearing, and destorying ( yup you read it right: de + story) all of our stories and patterns does not have to be all that complicated and time-consuming.

I think we have this sort of misguided belief that it must take us hours of rumination to clear what took us a lifetime to create.

But in truth, you simply need to connect, make a statement, genuinely mean that statement and watch as the old pattern leaves. Then you replace it with something new.

So I have now taken this into my practice (thanks Christie). And I work on this all of the time. Whenever I have spare moments, I am clearing and then replacing it with the good.

So now, I do this by combining Christie’s clearing method with Noah St. John’s process of afformations and adding a dash of spirit guides and intuition.

So it looks like this:

1) Let’s say I have a lot of guilt, shame, and blame about old jobs that I have had. Or old bosses or whatever it may be.

Now let’s say somewhere in me, either consciously or unconsciously, I have programming that blames them for my lack of success ( yes I know this is irrational but go with me here, our programming is not always rational). And so this belief and pattern would be one layer or block, of many,  that is standing in my way of having the money and career that I desire.

2) So I check in and connect.

I like to imagine a doorway in the sky opening and then link to it with my 3 and 7th chakras. And then I magnify that connection. The idea is to get into as much light as possible.

3) So when I want to clear this, I will want to use words like delete, erase, remove.

Christie uses “delete, uncreate, destory. “ But I think the words you use, should be words you resonate with. If you don’t know what those words are,  go to wordhippo and type in ‘erase’ or ‘delete’ and see the list of words and choose the ones that you most like.

So for me, I would say, “anywhere I have blamed any old bosses or employers for blocking my success,  can you please erase, remove and extinguish that in all directions of time?”  And I might say that a few times until I can physically feel that area in me being cleared . You will also know you have removed it because you will feel a bit lighter.

(You can further check out Christie’s method here.)

4) Now that you have cleared, you will want to fill that void with something you do want. This is where I like Noah’s method.

Noah St. John created Afformations. They are different than affirmations because they ask a question which forces your brain into looking for and finding an answer.

So our statement would be something like,  “why am I so happy now that I have my ideal career?”  or “Why do I always have money?”   You will feel which statement works best for you.

That’s it, one layer gone!


Blown up.



And you just keep doing that and chipping away at the blocks, little by little, and I promise you - your life will change!

This is something I will never neglect again and something that is now 100% in practice in my own coaching sessions and programs. No client leaves before they have cleared the old and THEN introduced the new.

Letting go is so much easier than we think.



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