Empaths Ache From One Thing

Empaths ache from one thing: deep down they think they can’t have the lives they REALLY want.

There are many barriers when it comes to having spiritual gifts. Sometimes it’s just easier to wrap ourselves in fear than it is to pursue the life we want.

I think a lot of empaths believe they can’t have the lives they want.

Most of us want to have our own spiritually based businesses and leave our desk jobs and work 100% from home. But we go on to fill ourselves with excuses, habits and half-truths that serve as barriers to having what we want.

Over the years we talk ourselves out of our dreams and wonder why deep down we are so unfulfilled.

One of the most significant barriers to accepting my spiritual gifts and living the life I wanted was fear of telling others about what I do. 

I come from a very conservative family. I also came from a very conservative workplace. Talk about always being the square peg in the round hole!

But as the years went on, my spiritual gifts were no longer talking to me they were screaming at me!

But, I was afraid to let others know and see the real me.

The real me speaks to spirit guides and does spirit guide sessions and coaches others in a spiritually based way.

To the mainstream population, including all of my family and most of my friends, this is just plain weird.

And, I am not going to lie, going against the norm is scary sh***. This is one thing that stops a lot of empaths dead in their tracks.

So how did I do it?

How did I let others see the real me?

Did I come out and swing from the spiritual chandelier and tell everyone?


Because here’s the thing, not everyone needs to know and trust me when I tell you that not everyone cares.

There are still close family members who do not know what my coaching business is about. It’s sort of a ‘don’t ask don’t tell situation.’

I finally learned to step into a place where other people’s thoughts don’t matter to me around this anymore.

But I also do not go looking for naysayers and give them fuel to judge and be nasty either.

I have merely learned who to tell and who not to tell.

If someone approaches me and doesn’t like what I do, I view that as their problem, not mine.

But the most important lesson that I finally learned was, “Whose life is this anyway?”

It’s not my mother’s or my father’s or my friend’s or my coworkers- it’s 100% my life. And my life comes with its own purpose that no one else can live but me. 

And living a watered down version of that will not complete my assignment, honor my gifts or my talents.

You CAN have the life you want as an empath. You CAN have the business you want as an empath. Anything else is just an excuse. And fear is just that, fear. Tell yourself, “it’s just a fear.”

You were sent here purposefully with the gifts you always question yourself about.

And yes, there are many with spiritual gifts, but no one else has them the way you do.

This is your talent.

Success is using our talents and fulfilling our destiny.  



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