The Empath Alchemy Series - The Law of Ease

I heard the news the other day that David Cassidy had passed. I was surprised. I knew he was young and I had no idea about his current state.

So, I began to read the first of many obituaries written. And it was as if something sat inside my brain just saying “wait for it, wait for it… There it is!”

Sure enough there it was.

After only a single sentence, every story about his life immediately went into his struggle. He “struggled” with alcohol, he “struggled” with this and that.

I am quite sure a man who brought so much love and light into my life, as well as millions of others, could have done without the “combat” part added to his obituaries.

How sad for him that this dramatic urge we have as a society to see weakness as the real story had to overshadow his life and accomplishments. It seems no story of anyone’s life is complete nowadays if it isn’t for some obstacle set in their way they had to overcome.

How terribly undescriptive of a human being’s real worth and value this is.

The law of ease teaches the complete opposite.

Struggle is human nature. Or so we have been told since we first set foot on this planet.

From a squirrel to the human being, it has been played out in a movie for us that everyone and everything struggles to survive. That life is a wicked servant only dishing up more and more to overcome.

It is only a story that you have been told. It is a fairy tale because the actual path to existence is far more accessible than you could ever imagine.

How many times has it been painted before your very eyes that the more someone struggles, the more they are rewarded? Someone struggles and they win in the end. And if it hadn’t been for their battle, there would be no victory.

Every day this same, old, tired story is sold to us over and over again.

It leads you to think, “I want the glorious end they had, and it can only come about in my suffering and working extraordinarily hard and pushing against life.”

So I must push and peddle and strain and work myself into a tizzy.

Yet for most of us, when we cash into this prescription and practice it, all that is left in the end is an empty, former shell of ourselves.

A self that has gotten no closer to where we want to be.

Ironically, in the end, it has taken us further from our goal rather than closer to it. In truth, we don’t have the nature for this constant warring state. Our nature is delicate and serene and was never made to fight against everything that comes our way.

Yet we fight against our bosses, we fight against our jobs, we fight against traffic, we fight amongst each other, we fight to be the biggest and the best and we fight tirelessly.

This world and our survival in it is not a competition. When we make it this way, we are only fighting the Goliath of ourselves.

When you are constantly battling everything, it is easy enough to remind yourself of easing and soothing yourself.

I know. I know you are thinking, “ease and soothe are not sturdy enough for me. It just doesn’t feel right or ample enough for me to win this situation. How will easiness and soothing ever get things done?”

It is not that sort of force that gets things done because force cannot create the type of momentum needed to experience the issue and then see it to its real completion. Action is necessary, but movement does not need to be forced in an act of fury to be effective.

There is a current about life that, once you surrender to and travel with it, makes everything easier. Part of that surrender is approaching each situation with ease.

Here is your example.

Your boss makes a decision that you do not like. In this arrangement, you immediately get defensive and decide to take the stance of battling uphill, and in doing so, you decide that the decision he has made disrespects you, and deep down you feel hurt because he does not realize your worth. You rage against it and wonder “How dare he?” You rally the troops to prove that your mindset is right and that this situation—and how you’re being treated—is unjust.

This is not allowing the situation to naturally unfold, for you will never know the lessons inherent in this case because you have taken hold of it and decided you will be the one in control and will, therefore, drive this car.   

The moment you decide to walk uphill and take the stance of pushing against everything, you have lost all control.

When you think you know the outcome or try to force a result, there is no ease. There is nothing natural about those thoughts or that state.

When you start your day or any situation by questioning, “What is the easiest way for me to handle this situation? What thoughts will help me swim with the current and not against it,” you immediately take a posture of openness.

It is impossible to be defensive and scrappy when you are open.

When you are open, all that comes to you is openness because that which is like itself is drawn.

“How can I ease myself into this day?”

“How can I ease myself into this life?”

“How can I overcome overcoming?”

Allow yourself to be open, to be the receiver of ease and worth. Let go of the struggle and see the value in being whole, complete, and open. For this is our true nature.

In the end, I hope the only skirmish my obituary speaks of is the one I had when I confronted myself as being a person who wanted to force everything to one who surrendered and allowed a life of ease.

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