Eliminate Cold and Flu with Essential Oils for Highly Sensitive People

Eliminate cold and flu with essential oils, crafted just for the HSP offers you:

  • The top 25 essential oils used to treat colds and flu- We took the guesswork and years of research out, now you know precisely which oils to grab


  • The 8 most affordable essential oils and an in-depth guide on how to use them to fight cold and flu – Make your very own eliminate cold and flu blends and defend you, and your family from the seasons strongest viruses


  • 18 Incredibly Powerful Recipes- Not sure what to do with the oils? Now you know! Get step by step recipes for your diffuser, your home, the bath, massage, chest rubs and more


  • The secrets of how to use essential oils to recover quickly from illness – So you got sick, but now you can recover more quickly than ever before. Step away from the OTC pills and syrups, use our simple steps and get well faster!


  • A step by step guide taking you through 3 different scenarios of recovery from colds and flu- There really is only three scenarios in the fight against viruses; 1) you’re well, you want to stay that way 2) you think you’re getting sick and you want to stay well 3) you’re sick and need to get better fast – we walk you step by step through each scenario so you know how to use your oils and recipes to stay well and get better
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Just The Recipes

Quick & Easy Essential Oil
Recipes to help you:

  • DIY & make your own all natural products
  • Eliminate cold & flu and keep your family healthy
  • Combat energetic overwhelm
  • Uplift your mood and reduce stress


With Just The Recipes you get over 25 printable essential oil recipes for

  • The diffuser
  • The bath
  • Foot soaks
  • Chest rubs
  • Inhalers
  • Hand spray
  • Room spray
  • Massage oil
  • Lip balm
  • Pain cream

If you’re looking for a guide that gives you simple, easy to use recipes so you can create your own products and use the oils that you have, this is your go-to recipe book.

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