Black Spruce Essential Oil - My All Time Favorite

Black Spruce really is my #1 favorite oil on the planet. And it's not just because it smells like heaven (but it really does!) here's a little more about its incredible qualities....


black spruce (1).jpg

Enjoy This Week's Recipe Featuring Black Spruce Essential Oil


Making Spirit Bright…. The weekend before Christmas is all about FUN! I love to diffuse this blend right after I have been to the mall and while I am gift wrapping. It fills your house with seasonal smells and is great for space and auric clearing. AND as an extra bonus - it helps with cold and flu. doTerra doesn’t offer Black Spruce at this time - so when I am looking for something doTerra doesn’t provide my absolute, and definite first choice is Aromatics International. Their Black Spruce is beyond compare.