Rosemary ct camphor - The Enlivenator

You know how we all like to drop some oil in a steamy shower to start our day?

My #1 go-to oil for this purpose is Rosemary ct camphor.

It expands my lungs and sinuses, enlivens me, puts me into a positive mindset and readies me and steadies me for my day ahead.

I also definitely use it if I am trying to get rid of any cold or flu.

Rosemary is great for the intuitive and healer as well because it’s a wicked space clearer! If you’re energy and space are feeling a little stagnant, try some Rosemary and get things moving!

Now hold up, what’s with this ‘ct’ in the in the middle of this Rosemary’s name you ask?

That indicates this Rosemary is a chemotype.

And what is a chemotype you ask?

Darn good question.

Like most relationship statuses on Facebook, chemotypes are complicated!

See this week's essential oil short (below) to learn more about this oil and what a chemotype is. 

For the oils we’re using in our recipe today we are going to Aromatics International. They sell the most gorgeous Rosemary ct campor and White Spruce on the planet. Click here to get them now.

Enjoy this week's recipe featuring the enlivening Rosemary:


Are you fighting the good fight against Cold and Flu? This week's recipe will help!

3 drops of Rosemary ct camphor Essential Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis ct camphor)

2 drops of White Spruce Essential Oil (Picea glauca)

White Spruce is a little softer and gentler than Black Spruce with all the same incredible sweetness and an essence that reminds you of walking through an evergreen forest in the dead of winter. When you add it to Rosemary, the dynamic duo will clear up congested sinuses and lungs faster than you can say: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Use this blend in your diffuser

* This recipe is not recommended for those that may be pregnant, have epilepsy, high blood pressure or for children under 10.

Energetics: 2nd, 4th & 5th chakras. Rosemary is a great oil to use for self-confidence and speaking up! Intuitives can sometimes have a hard time with their 5th chakras. A lot of blocks can be had from fear of speaking up and speaking out about who they really are. Allow Rosemary to help you clear your space, your chakras and speak up about your bad self!

Therapeutic Properties: Anаlgеѕіс, Antibacterial, Antі-іnflаmmаtоrу, Antі-rheumatic, Antifungal, Astringent, Antіѕраѕmоdіс, decongestant, expectorant, liver support

Notes: Top, Middle

Safety: Use caution if using during pregnancy. Do not use with children under 5. Use caution if using with children between the ages of 5-10.

Shelf Life: 3 years

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