Intuitive Coaching Sessions 

Here’s how they work:

1.  When you purchase an intuitive session, I will send you some questions for you to answer about your specific situation.

2.  After I receive your responses, we will schedule a quick ten-minute meeting on Zoom and talk about your answers to make sure we are laser-focused on what you want from the session.

3.  After our meeting, I will access our guides, and the session will begin.  

4.  We will meet again on zoom ( 15 + 30 + 45 + 60 min sessions available) and go over which guides came forward and a little bit about each one.  

5.  Next –we talk about their messages for your guidance and life direction. Prepare for surprises!  

6.  At this point, the coaching will start. This is where you will receive personalized questions, meditations, exercises, etc, It’s all just for you!  

7.  Finally, you can ask any pressing questions you have regarding your session.    

$ 45.00

$ 90.00

$ 135.00

$ 180.00