Spirit Guide Sessions 

Here’s how they work:

1.  When you purchase a spirit guide session, I will send you some questions for you to answer about your specific situation so we can be clear on what the session should be about.

2.  Based on your responses, I will craft the questions I feel you want to be answered more than any others. 

3.  I will access our guides, and the session will begin.  

4.  Once the session has finished, I will email you detailed notes. These notes will include information about which guides came forward and a little bit about each one. 

5.  Next – the fun part – I will send you their messages for your guidance and life direction. Prepare yourself for surprises!  

6.  At this point, the intuitive coaching will start. This is where you will receive personalized questions, meditations, exercises, etc, from your guides. It’s all just for you!  

7.  I will send your full session report via email.  

8.  At this time, I will let you digest all of the information you have received. Sit on it, ruminate with it and most of all, have fun with it! No other intuitive coach offers you this reflective time, which makes my sessions totally unique. 

9.  Then, at a time convenient for you, you can ask a follow-up question of your choice by email. At this time you can ask any pressing questions you may have about your Spirit Guide Session. 

  • Meet your guides
  • Get more clarity on your life purpose
  • Get more focused on what your gifts are, and what makes yours unique
  • Get an action plan so you can move forward with confidence  

Price: $ 125.00       


Would you like to throw in some live personalized intuitive coaching? 

Questions about your spirit guides? Questions about  spiritual development?  I’m here to help! Let's meet on Zoom and get your questions answered!

$ 45.00

$ 90.00

$ 135.00

$ 180.00