I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with these amazing intuitives. Here’s what they had to say about their coaching session experience:

Sheila’s session was the most exciting piece of paper that I’ve ever read. It was much more than I expected. I was looking for a clue to figure out the right path but what she showed me instead was who I really am. Can you get any bigger than that? I don’t think so.

The trees didn’t let me see the forest, as we often say, so she put a mirror in front of me. Now so many things about my gifts, my past, my present, about everything... make so much sense... I won’t even get into telling validation stories to prove Sheila’s gifts, although I could tell many. Let’s stop being so obsessed about validation please, if you are reading this you should be over that at this point. You know spirit and you also know how confusing working with it can be. This is where you get the real help from her. What really matters about her job is that she doing much more than guiding lost intuitives, she will give you a mirror, a compass and a survival kit to make the most of your journey. If you like adventures get ready for beginning your own life’s adventure. Thank you so much Sheila, I’m so glad that my guides showed me your name, and thank you for being genuine, kind and so much fun!
— Laura R.
The same night I received my reading from you, I followed your instructions and was able to conduct my first Spirit Guide Session. It was amazing. I was able to help three of my friends begin the healing process with messages from their spirit guides. Thank you so much for opening up this beautiful gift for me. I am forever grateful to you for sharing your gift with me and impacting my life in such an amazing way.
— Kristen C.
And I’ve read my session a bunch of times and sorting through all the information! Wow!
I’m so glad I came across Amanda’s posting of you...this is exactly what I need!!
— Tricia M.
Thank you so much. It was so useful for me and you’re very talented!
— Erin M.
Sheila is a kind, cheerful and understanding person, which makes very easy to share with her any doubt or worry that you may have.
How many times have you began a sentence saying “You’re gonna think that I’m crazy, but...” when you share your spiritual concerns with other people? This doesn’t happen at any time with Sheila, everything flows easy with her, and she is very warm and has a great sense of humor.
Many things about me and many lives that I didn’t understand before now make total sense. She has been a great help and I won’t hesitate to ask her for guidance again.
— Patricia P.
You have a wonderful gift; you have given me answers that I thought I would never find out. You are a true light worker.
Wonderful Sheila! Thank you.
— Alex R.
First of all, all I can say is WOW! I’m blown away. Your document was so well developed, written, and so informative and the information was so accurate. I’m amazed and fascinated by your talents and abilities. What a gift you have! I’m in awe!!!!!
— Amy C